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Red Dot Pistol Optics: Exploring Closed and Open Emitter Systems for Duty and Competition

Red dot pistol optics have revolutionized the world of firearms, offering shooters enhanced accuracy and target acquisition. Among the key design differences in these optics are the emitter systems, with closed and open emitter configurations being the two primary options. In this blog post, we will delve into the intricacies of both closed and open emitter optics, examining their pros and cons in the context of duty and competition use.

Closed Emitter Optics

Closed emitter optics, as the name suggests, encase the emitter within a sealed housing. This design provides several advantages for users in both duty and competition scenarios.


  1. Durability: Closed emitter optics are generally more robust and less susceptible to environmental factors like dust, dirt, and moisture. This durability makes them an ideal choice for duty use where the firearm may be exposed to harsh conditions.

  2. Reduced Glare: The sealed housing minimizes glare on the lens, ensuring a clear sight picture in various lighting conditions. This feature is particularly beneficial for duty applications, where quick target acquisition is critical.

  3. Longer Battery Life: Due to the protected nature of the emitter, closed systems often boast longer battery life. This is a significant advantage for duty users who rely on their firearms daily and need optics that won't fail at a crucial moment.

  4. Increased Resistance to Impact: The enclosed design provides added protection against impact and accidental damage, making closed emitter optics more rugged for everyday carry and duty use.


  1. Weight: Closed emitter optics tend to be slightly heavier due to the robust housing. While this might not be a significant issue for duty use, it can be a consideration for competition shooters looking to minimize overall firearm weight.

Open Emitter Optics

Open emitter optics, on the other hand, feature an exposed emitter, offering a different set of advantages and disadvantages.


  1. Compact and Lightweight: Open emitter optics are often more compact and lighter than their closed counterparts. This makes them a preferred choice for competition shooters who prioritize speed and agility in their movements.

  2. Wide Field of View: The open design allows for a wider field of view, providing shooters with increased situational awareness. This can be advantageous in competition settings where being aware of your surroundings is crucial.

  3. Quick Target Acquisition: The lack of a sealed housing means there's no obstruction to the shooter's view, allowing for faster target acquisition. In competitive shooting, fractions of a second can make a significant difference, and open emitter optics excel in this regard.


  1. Susceptible to Environmental Factors: Open emitter optics are more exposed to environmental elements, making them prone to dust, debris, and moisture. This can be a drawback in duty situations where the firearm is subjected to adverse conditions.

  2. Glare Issues: The absence of a sealed housing can lead to increased glare, impacting sight picture clarity, especially in bright sunlight. This can be a disadvantage for duty users operating in varied lighting conditions.

  3. Reduced Durability: The open design makes these optics more vulnerable to physical damage. While they may be suitable for the controlled environment of a competition, duty users might find closed emitter optics to be a more robust choice.


Choosing between closed and open emitter optics ultimately depends on the specific needs and preferences of the shooter. For duty use, the ruggedness and durability of closed emitter optics often outweigh the weight considerations. On the other hand, competition shooters may prioritize the lightweight and quick target acquisition benefits of open emitter optics.

It's crucial for users to weigh the pros and cons carefully and consider the context in which they plan to use the red dot pistol optic. Advances in technology continue to refine both closed and open emitter systems, providing users with an ever-expanding array of options to enhance their shooting experience, whether in duty scenarios or on the competitive stage.

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See ya next time.

Brad Amick

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