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John's AR-15 Tiger Stripe

We recently got tasked to do a custom job from an old school client. I would have to say that John was one of the first when we were in the old shop to do a complete upbuild on a Springfield Operator 1911. So when he came in and talked about what he wanted we were more than interested knowing that this was going to be a cool project.

John wanted an old school look with a twist. He met with Me and then later with Ortiz to put his thoughts on paper. We chose the colors based off of what John wanted and bam! Here is his rifle ready to look like the gem it is on the range.

Don't just run vanilla, make that rifle, shotgun, or pistol pop with a fresh paint job. Be on the look out for more posts on why you should use us and why you should use Cerakote on your project.

Until next time,

Brad Amick

Amick's Guns

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