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Gunsmith Services

Gunsmithing has become a lost art.  Many think that swapping parts is gunsmithing.  That couldn't be further from the truth.  We hand select gunsmiths that not only have training but also a background in the shooting industry.

Once we select them they are are mentored by our senior staff members to make sure that the quality of service that we aim for is delivered each time.

When it needs to be done, it needs to be done right.  That is where we set ourselves above others.  Knowledge, experience, and tooling to allow us to make sure you get what you are asking for....quality!

Send us a message to let us quote a potential job for you by selecting the "Get a Quote" button below.

Mobile Gunsmithing Services now offered!


Don't have time to get your items to us let us take care of that for you.  With our mobile service we will pick the item(s) up from you and bring them back to our shop.  Once the work is complete we will schedule an appointment to drop them back off to you.  

Have a large number of items that need to be serviced we can handle this as well.  We can come to your location with our mobile gunsmith shop and do the work on site for you.  This service is perfect for law enforcement agencies, security firms, or those with a large collection.

The process is simple.  Just schedule an appointment date for us to pick up from you.  Once all of the details are confirmed we will come to you.  For mobile pickup services a $50 mobile charge is collected at the time of scheduling.  When our work is complete we will invoice you for what the services were and deliver them back to you.

Don't let your firearms be neglected by not having the time to get them to us for repair or service.

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