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Go into any store and you can quickly see that it is nearly impossible for them to stock everything you might need.  Virtually though, we can!  Select from 1000's of items that are available to you from our online system.  From ammunition to suppressors and firearms we can take care of you.

The process is simple.

1. Select the item you are wanting to purchase.

2. If it is listed it's available.

3. Make your purchase.

4. We call you when the item comes in.

5. Pick it up from us when it arrives.  

Shop With Us!

Buying Online

Purchasing Suppressor

Buying a suppressor couldn't be any easier!  The process is often overcomplicated by many and the fear keeps them from making their purchase.  Here is how the process works.

  1. Decide what your looking for and make your purchase.

  2. Come in and complete your SilencerShop Profile and complete your finger prints.

  3. Visit ATF Eforms and create an account using the same contact information you used for SilencerShop.

  4. We certifiy your forms via an online or phone call.

  5. You wait for ATF to email your new tax stamp to you.

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