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Gunsmithing is an exciting trade that allows one to expand upon their firearms abilities.  Gunsmiths should possess refined skills in design, building, and repairing firearms of all types, including pistols, hunting and military rifles, shotguns, and others.

Because the general duties of a gunsmith are broad, candidates must possess or acquire a wide range of skills including the following:

  • Metal Working

  • Wood Working

  • Parts Fabrication

  • Mathematics

  • Chemistry

Gunsmiths must be proficient in using different types of tools to perform their jobs adequately.  In addition to using hand tools, most gunsmiths must use power tools and machine tools.  Gunsmiths must stay abreast of of local and federal laws pertaining to firearms.

Duties and Responsibilities

The overriding responsibility of a gunsmith is to ensure that the firearms they are working on operate safely and according to specifications.  No matter what specific process they are engaged in, gunsmiths must observe safe gun handling procedures and ensure that customers, assistants, and co-workers do the same.

Common Tasks

  • ​Assemble and dissemble firearms 

  • Inspect, clean, and lubricate firearms

  • Remove corrosion from metal gun parts

  • Repair damaged guns

  • Add custom or aftermarket parts

  • Repair/Refinish wood handles, grips, and stocks

  • Fit Barrels

  • Remove Dents

  • Correct headspace

  • Modify pull weight and other trigger mechanisms.

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