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We are Factory Certified Cerakote Applicators!

As you all know we have been shooting Cerakote and Duracoat paint for over two decades now. Recently we made the decision to take our quality and offerings to the next level. So we packed up and headed to Burlington, NC to Weapon Works for a few days of Cerakote Applicator Training.

Once there I got to work with the owner Zack and head applicator Chris. Those guys really showed me some great hospitality for this one on one training.

So why Cerakote?

Cerakote is a ceramic based paint system. When properly applied, Cerakote provides not only a great looking finish, but superior protection of your item.

Cerakote exceeds most major finishing systems in various ASTM tests including corrosion and durability tests.

What can Cerakote be applied to?

Virtually anything. Cerakote has offerings that expands beyond just the firearms industry. Some systems are designed for a higher heat range for suppressors and options for industries that require a high corrosion resistance.

Can you spray patterns with Cerakote?

Absolutely! Your only limited my hours imagination on how to configure the look you desire.

As with any service we pride ourselves with the quality of what we provide. Cerkote will degrade just like any type of finish under the right circumstances. It just lasts longer than its competitors. Because of this we guarantee the quality of application and will warranty lifetime application of Cerakote from chips, flakes, and bubbles. We cannot warranty abuse or use as that is part of everyday usage and how you choose to use the product.

Give us a call or book a time to bring your project in to get the process started.

Until next time.

Brad Amick

Amick's Guns LLC

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