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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Concealed Carry Firearm!

We get the question here in the shop and on the range often, What is the best concealed carry firearm for me?

Man that is really a loaded question with a lot of variables. Most of the time these questions are followed up with the conversation that the user watched a few videos or saw these influencers on social media suggest this. These sources can be very valuable, but at the end of the day they are a source. Not necessarily an authority. Just like us. We are a source. We will give you information and opinions based off of years of training and gunsmith services, but at the end of the day you should be getting the information for you to make an informed decision. But, here are a few categories that we feel you should look into when determining what is best for you!

Size Matters!

This comes up a lot when we see clients on the range. They go to this store and purchased this item based off of the recommendation of the staff. Especially with the ladies. They see this small pink handgun and think that because it is small and looks good, it is what is best for them to conceal carry. More often than not it is not. Smaller framed guns a lot of times are more difficult for those with weaker hands or arthritic hands to handle. So small is not always better. You need to find something that feels good. Something that you feel balances well and that you can grip will without moving outside of your natural grip methods.

You also need to find something that is balanced and comfortable in your hand, but also something that is able to be used for the task that you are purchasing it for, Concealed Carry! Don't pick something that you cannot conceal or carry with your everyday attire. If you purchase something that is too big to conceal means you will probably have to alter your attire or wardrobe. This takes you outside of the norm. If this happens will you be able to successfully carry? Probably not.

Again, Size Matters!

Caliber Selection

What caliber should I chose? Well that depends on the job at hand. There has been a lot of banter through the internet over the last few years of caliber selection. Ammunition and bullet technology has change significantly. The bullet performance of 2023 is not the same as 2003 or 2013. 9mm has become probably the most common caliber selection for concealed carry and duty carry with law enforcement. The military swapped over to 9mm years ago.

Why has 9mm become so popular? There are multiple factors that affect this. Refer to this article we have on why the 9mm has become so popular.


Just like buying a car we look at dependability. We want to have the confidence when we turn the key and start driving it will get going. Same thing with our Concealed Carry Firearm. Look for brands that have consistency. I like to look at the current offerings that you seen law enforcement and military units use. These firearms typically have a great vetting process to meet the needs of their users. Popular brands such as Glock, Smith and Wesson, Sig, and Springfield are some of the most commonly purchased.


This is just a few points that we use to steer clients in what is the best options for them to use to determine what to purchase. I really hate going to a store and the sales person is pushing one product instead of listening to their customer. That's typically a sign of what the store has the most invested in.

Have any questions on what to purchase? Give us a shout or message us through our websites or You can also purchase any gear your looking for through these as well.

Until next time!

Brad Amick

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