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  • Brad Amick

Is it time to clean your shotgun?

Is it time to clean that shotgun for season? The 2022 South Carolina Deer Season is already in its 2nd week and the first Dove Season is right around the corner. Those dog driving and hunting with shotguns for deer season probably already know the condition of their shotguns. As few realized that they were broken and have already brought them in to us. But what about you Dove Hunters?

You dove hunters should be making the final preparations for the season and putting all the components together for successful opening day. Getting into the field and pulling the trigger to hear a click should not be an option. 90% of the problems we see here at Amick's

Guns involving failures to feed, or fire are usually attributed to lack of proper maintenance.

When we clean your shotgun here at Amick's Guns it is taken completely a part. This gives us the opportunity to inspect it for any issues that may not be maintenance related such as broken parts or other issues.

Some shotguns that are gas operated have O-rings that are very inexpensive, but through time and use need to be replaced. We recommend that you replace these annually. Although many will say that "I've shot this gun for 20 years and never had a problem." That may be true. But when you brought it to us for it failing to cycle did the O-ring give up from a decade of use or because of something else. There are a dozen reasons why an O-ring may fail. We replace these when your shotgun is in with us.

How to prevent your gun from getting dirty or rusting? First when you put it away after use don't put it in the case or sleeve wet. Wipe them down and dry them off with something like an old t-shirt. Once dry you can spray it with some tight weight oil like Remoil and then wipe it down again to wipe off the excess. This will give it a light coat of oil. Invest in a Bore Snake to wipe the inside of the barrel out afterwards. These shotguns are tools of the trade. If you use them, they will get dirty. If you use them, they will show signs of wear.

Lastly, make sure that your sights are in place. Make sure that you didn't knock off your front or mid bead. It's hard to hit something that you cannot aim at.

All of these services that I mentioned we offer here at Amick's Guns. Our trained and experienced gunsmiths can easily get your shotgun back into working shape if it isn't cycling, or get that annual service taken care of for you. Contact us via our website to schedule a service.

Stay safe!


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