Amick's Guns on-sight gunsmiths are trained, knowledgeable and experienced professionals second to none that you can trust!

With over 50 years of combined experience in areas of gunsmithing, wood working, machining, welding and factory armoring our certified gunsmiths are unique and specialized in the firearms world.  Our teams bring meticulous detail, precision and accuracy to our work.

Wait times may vary at times throughout the year because of volume of work from various seasons or events, or the supply of components, parts, and supplies.  We take quality and safety first and foremost which will not be sacrificed to hurry a project along.

Please note that we may decline a job or project due to parts and component availability or the item is deemed unsafe.

Type of work that we do:

  • Cerakote Applicator

  • Metal Refinishing (Bluing and Parkerizing)

  • Accurizing of Rifles and Pistols

  • Barrel Threading, Crowning, Lapping, Chambering

  • Trigger Work, Tuning, and Installs

  • Choke Installation and Removal

  • Drilling and Tapping

  • Stock Modifications, Bedding, and Repairs

  • Custom Machining, Slide Cuts, and Welding

  • Much, Much More!!!!

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