Amick's Guns

Your one stop gun shop!


We provide a wide range of general gunsmith services to custom work, and pride ourselves with providing quality work at a reasonable cost.  Due to the amount of work that comes in during peak seasons some work can be delayed due to quantity of work coming in.  We will not jeopardize quality to fulfill quantity.  All repairs are tested before leaving the shop for safety and function.  All test fired firearms are tested with factory ammunition.

Shop Rates

General Shop rates are $65 an hour and Machine Shop Rates are $85.00 an hour.  Prices can be quoted via email and quotes are subject to change due to changes in the order or other problems found not seen during the quote.  Minimum shop charge is $25 unless advised otherwise.


We reserve the right to require a deposit on request.  Typical deposit requests are the cost of parts needed and/0r 30% of the total cost of the job.  The remainder of the job cost is due at the time of pick up.


We will warranty our work within 90 days from the time of pick up provided that the firearm was used with factory ammunition.  We will not warranty either expressed or implied any firearms used outside of the mechanical abilities or the firearm, or those not using factory ammunition.

Core Parts

All take off parts that are replaced with custom or after market parts will be retained by Amick's Guns.

Pick-up Times

Amick's Guns reserves the right to sell all items left after 30 days of the owner's notification unless arraignments have been made.

Firearms/NFA Transfers

Firearms transfers are rated at $25 per firearm transferred.  All NFA transfers are $65 per item transferred.

Sight Work

Sight in (Basic 100 yard zero)  $50    (Customer Provides Ammo)

Shotgun Pattern                       $50    (Customer Provides Ammo)

Bore Sight                                $20    (Free with purchase of scope)

General Cleaning/Inspection/MISC Items

Check Headspace                            $20

Check Firing Pin Protrusion              $15

Remove Stuck Fired Case                Hourly

Remove Stuck Live Round                Hourly + $75

Remove Obstructions From Barrel    Hourly

Remove Fouling/Leading                   Hourly + Cost of Materials

Repair/Recut Barrel                           $85

Trigger Job (Smooth Out)                  $75

Trigger Job (Smooth and Lower)       $75 and Up

Function Test                                     $25

Install Customer Supplied Sights       $25  (Average Price)