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Rifle Services
Install Brake (Labor Only)  $100
Standard Barrel Installation  $250
- Fitting, chambering, and standard crown.  Cost of labor only not the cost of the barrel.  Price only on pre-threaded and short chambered barrels.  Does not include and refinish work.
Custom Barrel Install  $450
- Complete clean up of receiver and bolt, lapping locking lugs, threading, chambering, headspacing, standard throating, and smoothing raceways.  Price does not include the cost of the barrel or any refinish work.
Install Tactical Oversized bolt knob (Not Including Parts)  $75
Forge/Reshape/ Weld Original Bolt Handle  $86
Install Timney Trigger  $50
Adjust Trigger $50
Smooth Regular Trigger and Sear  $75
Smooth Lever Action  $150
Shorten Winchester 94 or Marlin 336 $275