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Metal Work
Bluing is hard to price without looking at it to accurately quote.  Prices range from $150 for matte finishes up

Shotgun or Rifle- $175
Pistol $175
Prices subject to change based of off parts to be refinished.

Wood Work
As with bluing wood refinish depends on the condition of the wood.  Wood work is based on $50 per hour.

Complete handgun (One Color)  $175
Additional Color $35
Slide Only (Stripped) $75
Frame Only (Stripped) $75
1911 Handgun (One Color) $225
Magazines (Same Color) $25
Camo Pattern (3 Colors) $375

Rifles (AR-AK)
Complete Rifle (One Color)  $225
Complete Lower or Upper (One Color)  $110
Stripped Lower or Upper (One Color) $65
Stock (Non Adjustable) $65
Stock (Adjustable) $80
Forearm (No Rail)  $65
Forearm (With Rail)  $80
AR-10 Variant Surcharge $25
Magazine $20
Additional Color $35
Camo Pattern (3 Colors) $425
Barrel Only $75

Rifles (Bolt)
Hunting Rifle Complete (Bolt, Action, Barrel, Floor Plate)  $225
Hunting Rifle (Action and Bolt Only) $125
Shotgun Complete $225
Rifle Stock (Standard Stock) $75
Rifle Stock (Tactical Type) $125 and up
Additional Color $35
AR-30 and Similar (338 Lapua/408 Cheytec  $275
50 BMG Bolt Action  $350
50 BMG Semi Auto $500
Magazine  $45