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Basic Carry Tune- up  $65

-Smooth/Polish Trigger, Polish

Chamber/feed ramp, Clean and Service.

Enhanced Tune-Up  $175

-Basic Tune-up plus replacement of

disconnect, stainless steel guide rod

and spring, tune slide stop.

Concealed Carry Stipple  $75

- Stipple of front and rear pad

Full Stipple $135

- Stipple front and rear pads, Stipple

side panels, Front pads stippled

Complete Grip ReDo  $225

- Full stipple plus reshaping of rear hump,

undercut trigger guard, removal of finger grooves

Other Services on Request!!!!


Smith and Wesson M&P
Basic Carry Tune-up  $65
-Smooth/Polish Trigger, Polish Chamber Feed Ramp, Clean and Service

Enhanced Tune-Up  $175
-Basic Tune-up plus stainless steel guide rod and spring, polished breach face, polished slide internals, ejector and extractor checked for function, mags checked, in house trigger job.

Install APEX Trigger  $50 plus parts

Concealed Carry Stipple $75
-Stipple of front and rear pads

Full Stipple- $135
-Stipple front and rear pads, Stipple side panels, Front pad Stippled.

Other Services on Request!!!!


Slide Work

Tighten Lap Slide  $125

Fit Barrel (Non Ramped)  $125

Fit Barrel (Ramped) $225

Lower Ejection Port (No Refinish) $65

Recrown Barrel  $35

Tune Extractor $30

Fit/Install Barrel Bushing Labor Only  $45

Mill Top of Slide Flat  $75

Frame Work

Bevel Magazine (No Refinish)  $65

Fit Custom Trigger $35

Install/Fit Mag Release $45

Install/Fit Thumb Safety $45

Modify for Beavertail safety (No Refinish) 100

Undercut Trigger Guard (No Refinish) $65

Checker Front Strap (No Refinish) $240

Stipple Front Strap (No Refinish) $100

Install Extended Ejector  $50

Install/Restake Plunger Tube  $50

Carry Trigger Job  $75

- Smooth and Crisp approx. 4 1/2# pull.  Not including parts.

Enhanced Trigger Job  $175

-Smooth and Crisp approx. 3 1/2# pull.  Includes all parts and springs.

Other Services on Request!!!!