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Water And Other Barrel Obstructions

Posted on July 9, 2017 at 6:35 PM

So are you a fair weather shooter or hunter?  Or are you one of those guys that no matter what you are hitting the woods or range whether its nice and clear or rainy or snowing?  Have you ever thought about how these conditions can effect the way your rifle shoots, and how that in turn effects the accuarcy of your rifle?  

So lets talk about obstructions.  We see rifles come in from time to time with buldged barrels or the muzzles with the typical "Rose Bud" on the tip where the barrel blew a part because of the obstruction.  Most of the time it is from mud in SC.  Well snow can have the same issues.  I know, we do not have enough snow to typically worry about here in SC, but what if you are one of those hunters or shooters that have the opportunity to go out west or wherever for that hunt of a lifetime.  You then could have to deal with this.  But either way, never mind the accuarcy aspects of an obstruction like mud and snow, but what about the catastrophic damage to your favorite rifle or worst injury to you by having that full or partial obstruction.  Just like mentioned above it can have really bad results.

Now lets talk about water.  When a round is fired the bullet travels down the barrel and out the muzzle.  We all know what is supposed to happen, but for that shot to be accurate that bullet has to fire straight and consistently down the barrel.  Once it comes out the muzzle, the bullet has to come out concentric to the bore.  If the bullet wobbles when it comes out of the muzzle there is no guarantee of where the bullett is going to hit.  No introduce water or other debris into the muzzle or bore.  That water or debris will cause the bullet to not fly straight or concentric.  This again will cause the bullet to wobble and become unpredectiable.  This is going to make that shot group open up considerably or cause you to miss that shot of a lifetime.

So how do we prevent it?  One simple way to prevent it is to cover the muzzle of the barrel with a small piece of tape.  Something small like two crossed pieced of electrical tape, or a piece of duct tape.  Another way is to go to the pharmacy or drug store and look on the first aid isle for latex finger bandages.  These small latex bandages look like small condoms.  You can roll those over the end of the barrel to prevent anything from being introduced to the barrel.  The small amount of resistence that you may get from these shouldn't cause you much issue at all when taking that shot.  Mostly because the round is interacting with them at a 90 degree angle or straight on.

Give them a try.


Categories: Long Range, Fieldcraft, Shooting

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