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What is dry fire practice?

Posted on June 29, 2017 at 7:30 PM

What is dry firing?  Dry firing consists of practicing firearms manipulatins without the presence of any ammunition. Many people have the opinion that this can be harmful to your firearm.  Well that is true, but not true.  Your standard center fire firearm this rarely causes an issue, but on a rim fire firearm this can cause chamber issues.  That being said though, dry fire practice has many advantages.  One reason dry fire practice is benefical is cost.  We hear a lot of shooters complain of the cost of ammunition and range time and how that negatively impacts thier training.

Dry fire practice can also help ingrain many skills to the shooter without live fire.  The shooter doesn't have to worry about noise levels from thier firearm or even others on the range, flying brass, or just other distractions.  

Here is a quick checklist to help make your dry fire sessions successful:

  1. Practice should only be conducted in one designated and established area.  That area should have a "safe wall" or a wall that could stop a bullet in the event of a negligent discharge.
  2. When you enter your dry fire area, you must clear your weapon and ensure that it is unloaded and no loaded magazines or ammunition are present in the area.
  3. You will need a target.  This can be a commercial target, or something you create to practice with.  Either way you need something to focus on to get the most out of it.
  4. Your session should not last more that 10-15 minutes.  Anything more can become counter productive.  The goal with these sessions are to be productive training sessions, and not sloppy practice.  Sloppy practice can often be more negative than no practice.
  5. If interrupted start over!
  6. Make sure than when you are done you are done!  Do not take the chance of finishing up a session, reload your weapon, and then think that you need more practice.  This is a reciepe for disaster!

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