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What is your weapon employment zone?

Posted on May 23, 2017 at 8:15 PM

I recently read a book from a company that does a tremendous job of explaining weapon employment zones for long range shooting. What is a WEZ you ask? Well a WEZ is that weapons employment zone. The zone that you can with a predictable level of confidence engage targets at distance. But, there is always a but, it has a lot to do with a few factors; shooter, ammunition, firearm, and environment. Well I had two individuals that I was doing some basic pistol training with lately and a similar topic came up. We got to talking about how far the particular handgun that she was using was effective for. I then kinda put the WEZ thoughts in it like I would for someone shooting 800 yards. The ammunition was 9mm. Well for thinking in the terms of minute of bad guy versus minute of angle like in a rifle, the typical 115 or 124 grain 9mm isn't going to matter much in terms of velocity fluctuations at 15 or 25 yards. We all know that statistically the average self defense shooting is around that 7 yard range. So ammunition would have a constant factor. The environment is a constant that we really cannot change. We ether adapt to it or we don't. The gun. Now this is were we can start having some changes. Most popular handguns of similar models like a Glock Vs. Smith and Wesson M&P will have similar results. The only difference is have you improved the performance with sights, barrels, triggers, etc. This can improve your hit percentages by improving the functions. But, the shooter is where its at. How can we fix this. Time behind the trigger. Time on the range putting quality rounds down range working on the fundamentals. Some people will go into a gun store, purchase a firearm, probably a box or two of ammunition and that is about it. They will shoot that box or two of ammo, get ok results and think that they are SWAT. So after that the customer goes to the range, and then qualifies in their Concealed Carry Course they put the gun in their favorite holster and that is about it. I have seen it and heard it many times from customers coming in and saying that they haven't shot their firearm in a few months or even years. WHAT! That is what you are depending on to save your life if needed. So how does this effect your WEZ. Well if you are consistently putting quality groups down range at 15-25 yards, how well do you do when you put stress to the equation? This is the factor that you need to find out. Doing timed drills on the range, or something that can induce some level of stress. You may see that those 15 yard groups you were 100% at turns into 60-80% when stressed. Just a few thoughts. Stay Safe! 

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