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AG Enhanced Factory Rifle (EFR)- $1500 

This package is geared towards the customer that wants something more custom than a standard factory rifle but doesn't have the budget for a full custom rifle.  We start with a factory Remington 700 Rifle as a base.  We upgrade the stock to a M40 or sporter styled stock.  We bed the action into the stock and ensure that the barrel is free floated all the way to the recoil lug.  We perform our accuracy package which includes cutting a concentric new target styled crown, adjusting the trigger to a clean crisp 3 to 3 1/2 pound pull, we lap the locking lugs, and barrel.  Once all of this is done we will take it to the range and put it on paper.  If it doesn't consistently shoot sub MOA groups it won't ship out.

For muzzle brakes add $185.00.

This package is also available for the customer supplied action.- $900.00

Stock styles may vary based off of model of the customer supplied action.  Turn around times vary based off of availability of parts and materials, but generally a 2-4 week turnaround is normal.