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Advanced Concealed Carry

Course Duration 6-8 hrs


Previous students will receive a 25% discount. (130.00)

Many students finish the Basic Concealed Carry course and ask what's next?  This course is designed to help bridge the gap between basic handgun familiarization and carry taught in the basic course to more advanced techniques necessary for personal defense.

This course will expand your knowledge by incorporating intermediate tactics such as multiple magazine changes, work on accuracy and shooting smaller groups, and engaging multiple threats.

The course focuses on:

  • Reloads and magazine changes
  • Malfunction and immediate action drills
  • Movement shooting
  • Multiple target engagement
  • Use of cover and concealment
  • Weak hand shooting skills
  • Shooting from a variety of positions
  • Accuracy Improvement

Student Requirements:

Students must have already attended an approved Concealed Carry Course and possess a basic knowledge of handgun marksmanship.  Students must be physically fit and mobile enough to move, bend, kneel, or squat. 

Equipment Requirements

We have seen that it is necessary for students to use the weapon that they will use as their everyday carry weapon.  Strong sided holsters are necessary with no cross draw or shoulder holsters allowed.  We suggest a quality belt and kydex holsters and magazine carriers.  On multiple occasions we have seen students use cheap holsters that did not perform well during the course of the class.  This will limit your class time.  No refunds will be given due to class not being completed due to equipment failures.

  1. Dependable Semi Automatic Handgun
  2. 500 Rounds of quality target ammunition
  3. Sturdy belt
  4. Concealment garment
  5. Minimum of 3 magazines
  6. Suitable magazine carrier 
  7. Hat, Sunblock, Bug Spray
  8. Water and Snacks (enough to last for the day)
  9. Appropriate range clothing. (Rain gear in case of rain.  We will shoot in the rain)
  10. Ear and Eye Protection
  11. Chairs for breaks and down time
  12. Cleaning and maintenance kit for your firearm